What's good


I've used OSX for a while now, here's my verdict.

The +'s;

Ah, Unix, how would we live without it. finally MacOS has a command line.
Integrated graphics support also is a big plus. Once Photoshop and the others are ported, Apple will begin to pickup market share again.
Aqua is a nice overhaul also.

The -'s

The dock: who ever thought up this stupid thing should be smacked. A good GUI does not detract from the useable space of the OS. The dock takes up a good chunk of the bottom portion of the desktop. Oh how I miss the days of the app menu.
UNIX/LiNUX veterans can't run X-based apps, such as those neat little games that come with KDE and GNOME. Also, there is no theme support, and Apple has even managed to stomp on those trying to develop it.

Overall it's worth it. I like it.
The dock works great for me, once it is out of the way.


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You can also auto-hide the dock if it causes that much grief.

Has anyone figured out a way to kill it completely? Although I'm somewhat happy with the Dock, I know a number of people would be happy to see it go altogether.

RacerX, I notice on your screenshot you have some of the OSX Server type icons. Are you running server? Or did you find those else where? If so, where, I dig those.