What's needed to be fully OS X reliant

eric halfabee

You talking to me!
I was just working out what I need to use OS X without classic/OS9 and wondered if anyone could shed some light on the possibility and timeframe of these apps reaching X status and what is their wish list.

Here's my list:
Photoshop (I've heard rumors ??)
MS Office
Retrospect or Similar
Virex or similar
Filemaker (I think they have a preview out ??)
MoneyWorks (a New Zealand accounting product, its very good)
TechTool (Drive 10 has been released)
Scorpion Barcode software
Scanner support (for our old StudioScan IIsi or buy new scanner)
Quickeys (there is a beta out)
FreeHand ( v 10 is out)
Toast (I have the beta)

I'm sure there is more but cannot think.

Any suggestions?


G4 400 PCI
384 MB Ram
1 x 10 GB
1 x 8 GB

Adobe GoLive (demo during Stevenote at MWNY)
Adobe Photoshop (won't be available soon)

Drivers for Umax Astra 1220u scanner (don't think I'll ever be able to use that scanner with X)

Office 10 (this Fall)
They devlop mostly for windows now and then retrofit for the mac community. They forgot who helped build them into the schmucks they are now. If only everyone would give freehand anopther try they would see that it is illustrator and pagemaker in 1 and it is already available for X, that is cool! Also dreameweaver and fireworks should be out very soon, because macromedia remembers us when Director would only run on macs and we made them awesome. IMHO I hope adobe slips into bankruptcy and goes the way of the Dodo.
Do you know how BAD that would hurt apple if adobe died? Name another graphic editing application that is even CLOSE to as powerful and awesome as photoshop. Photoshop is used in almost every G4/pentium benchmark test because its faster on a Mac than it is on a PC. Photoshop was one of the very first applications to be optomized for the velocity engine. I think Adobe is very loyal to Apple, and they will stay that way for a long time.

Photoshop will be here for X. It is a very complicated program [like Final Cut Pro is] and will take time to carbonize. Adobe will not give us a beta. They'll give us a finished product. You can't port an application that is complex as Photoshop in a measely 4 months...you just can't.
You are right that photoshop is the most powerful and best photo editing out there, but someone needs to step up to the plate (like macromedia, Fireworks is close but too web oriented) but they had a beta of Photoshop at a trade show a long time ago, they are dragging their feet to see if OS X takes off instead of supporting apple like apple supported them, Freehand is definitely not an easy application to port, yet macromedia did it and did it right. As far as not being easy to port, what do you think Illustrator 8-9 and Photoshop 6 are, ports of the PC version. Adobe is going to survive unfortunately but will support the pc first and possibly only. I really hope Gimp or Macromedia can come up with a product to kick the crap out of photoshop. As far as the benchmark testing, you are right, photoshop is ideal for testing, but just because apple (motorola) creates better chips doesn't mean adobe is supporting us. We'll see when macromedia has all of their apps ported and all we have is acrobat reader from adobe. BTW they claimed last January that all their next version upgrades would be X compatible, uh PageMaker 7 just came out, as well as GoLive 5, neither are carbon as far as I have been told!
(Adobe GoLive 5 has been out for a long time, it isn't a "new" version, 6 will be a new version.) IMO, Adobe creates great Mac software and I think they'll continue to do so: about half of their revenue comes from Mac products. I think the problem is that A) most of their customers are very conservative about switching systems (most business users don't change OSs just because there's an update, they wait until the added value has been proven) and B) apps like Photoshop are very complex, and it takes some time to get them right in Carbon. I'm confident Adobe will deliver the apps necessary to make X a success.
As a Web developer I have not choice but to preview my work in the browsers that everyone else uses.

So while I may be able to use OS X native stuff to do all of my development work today, I still need classic to do testing.

Unfortunatly that means waiting untill all of our Mom's and Grandmoms are comfortable with, and have adopted, OS X. I think that will be 2 years yet...