What's the file to modify to change your refresh rate?


I need to find out what the file is to change the refresh rate. Under linux and most other unix variants its XF86Config but i'm not sure what it is under OSX. I'm trying to get my g3 to work on a monitor other than what it was originally setup with. At home I have a 21" studio monitor but at work we just have some 17" PC monitors. when connect my mac to the monitor at work the monitor says "signal out of range" even tho the resolution is set at an exceptable level. so if someone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it. I hate having to use lynx to download stuff.

If you lack a video device driver or that driver isn't reporting the correct sense codes OS X uses the information the video card's firmware reports.

I can only suggest you either try a dongle which reports the sense code you want or try to edit the firmware variables before OS X boots.