What's the most recent Public Beta version?


Does anyone know if the Public Beta of OS X being offered by Apple right now is the one with all of the revisions that Jobs showed off at the Macworld Expo or is it the same one that was released last year? Also, is it worth blowing $30 now (1-31-00) on the the beta when the final release is only a month and a half away?
AFAIK, the one selling is the "international release" of the old PB (Build number 2E14?)

A leaked version similar to the MWSF version is 4K17 (and 4K29), which have been circulating as of late -- but they are pretty unstable and hardly suitable for use, much less for Apple to ship as a updated PB.

I say wait, personally, unless you really want a jump-start on learning the UNIX underpinnings, etc.


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