what's up dock?


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Sometimes my dock doesn't want to hold applications like when I drag stuff to it. So, I have to open them first, then right click to say Keep in dock...any ideas? and BTW I do know the difference between an application and a document :)
Some Cocoa apps identify themselves as Documents rather than applications as far as the Dock is concerned, for some reason . Not sure of the actual definition of what the Dock looks for, or why this is, but it happens. I have a thing somewhere which explains it I think. I'll dig it out
just curious, which apps do this to you? I have several cocoa apps, and i haven't had any probs.

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sorry, getting my warm drinks mixed up.

The first app that caused me this problem was Limewire, and after much searching found the anomaly I mentioned above. Once again, it is JAVA applications, not COCOA that suffer from this.

They also require a bit of fiddling if you want to change their icon (Cmd-I / cut n paste don't work)