What's up with Mail app? Keep on getting same emails...


I love macos 10.1 - thanks to macavenger I got an update. This is really a MAJOR improvement to the last release and finally it feel perfectly useable, fast, elegant and just cool. However, mail is a little weird. Even though I'm using my mac.com account as a pop account rather than imap, I keep getting the same emails over and over again. I've marked the place where you delete messages on server after downloading them so it's not that.

Anyone witht the same experience? Solutions?

From the X4U mailing list, it appears there's a bug in mail.app in 10.1 that only affects some users who run mail.app with no rules enabled. In some circumstances, mail.app will not delete the messages on the server, leading to repetitive downloads of the same email over and over (even those that have been deleted and emptied from the trash). Cricket (an Apple software engineer) writes to the list with the solution:

"Do you have any Mail rules set up? If not, delete your MessageSorting.plist (from ~/Library/Mail) and restart Mail. That should take care of the problem, which should only affect some POP users that have no rules set up. We plan to fix this in a Software Update."