What's your favorite browser?

What's your favorite web browser?

  • Internet Explorer

  • Omni Web

  • iCab

  • Fizzilla

  • Lynx

  • Other

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Licensed Computer Geek
I finally thought up a good excuse to post a poll. :) This could actually help others decide on a good alternative to the preinstalled IE, or the somewhat ubiquitous Omni Web. Feel free to post comments about any particular browser.

Personally, my vote goes for iCab. It's quite speedy, and supports tons of customization, including image filtering. Yay! No more ads! I just wish it supported my scroll wheel mouse. Oh well.


Mad Mod Mojo
OmniWeb is the best, with a great interface and very nice features for a web developer -- the view source, edit source, re-render feature really simplifies finding code and html problems. However, at times its ram utilization (256m RAM, Mac OS X 10.0.3, Titainum PB) goes up to 60%, and it churns endlessly slowing the whole system. The best bet is to kill the app, and then restart -- with >20 bounces. I couldn't buy this software yet, though I bought OmniOutliner.

iCab is nice and fast and has a full feature set, but has stability problems.

Explorer -- I don't have the stability or behavior problems with IE that other people sometimes report. I've found it to be reliable enough to be the default browser on my system.

Moz 6-- haven't tried it.