When do you think 10.1 will be released?

When will 10.1 be released?

  • Before Job's Keynote at Paris Expo

  • Just moments after Job's Keynote

  • After the Expo Ends

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A couple of interesting things are happening around Apple...

I figured that when Apple said they would release 10.1 in September, that it would be at the Paris Expo... exactly one year from when they first released the Public Beta version of OS X.

But, recent happenings have got me to thinking otherwise... maybe just maybe, it might come out earlier in the month.

A few interesting notes... Apple notified the media that Jobs was indeed going to keynote Paris Expo... the same exact day... 9.2.1 was released with little fanfair. This in my opinion... meant that things where on track, and 10.1 was just around the corner. Get everyone upgraded with 9.2.1 and move forward.

I also feel as though 9.2.1 update, was a trial to see how the update for Mac OS X would go... for being a downloadable update. By getting all the power users updated to 9.2.1, then the only thing left is 10.1 to be updated.

Of course, Apple has made some promotional changes, and goes for the price cuts for Powerbooks... so, we have to think... new stuff is coming.. but WHEN? Jobs says it won't be at Paris Expo... so does that mean, earlier perhaps? Or maybe in October.

Only time will tell... my question to you is this... do you think that Apple will release 10.1 BEFORE the Paris Expo which I believe is the 26th.

It will be the longest 30 days of my life. :)

i would really like to believe that it would be vv early (like 1st sept;) ) but i think it's going to be moments after his speech:( ... too long to wait judging by the beta users comments!