when i have desktop background change, programs freeze


i like having background images change on my computer... and i used to have them change every 5 seconds, but programs would always freeze, so i made it so its just one constant image that doesnt change, and it stopped freezing... then after a while i got bored and made it change every minute, and within that day, programs would start to freeze...

i have a 17" g4 powerbook with 2 gigz of ram... why is my comp acting retarted?? it shouldnt do that
My computer freezes when I go into system preferences to change the background. I don't know what to do. Have you found anything out that may help me as well?
2 gigs, in a laptop? That's nice. It shouldn't freeze with that much memory :confused: Mine doesn't freeze and i ahve 2 gigs (XP though). Sounds like a software thing.
you gotta realize that those pretty bkgrd image sof your EATS UP your ram. So everytime it's switching pics, that alone is fighting with your system's resources. NOT ONLY THAT, everytime time you move windows around, d'you know your mac wallpapers are re-drawing themselves.

it's cuz you have too many too fast.