When is the next Mac conference?



Just wondering when there might be an announcement of new products and what they might be... ? Any thoughts?

I think (in my limited understanding of business politics, computer hardware and apple computers inc!) that Apple will be quite busy updating there existing hardware for ALL product ranges. I predict frequent updates over the next year. I think this because they want to get all the PowerPC products they have in the pipeline out in the market before the switch.

This would perhaps make people buy a PPC and not wait for the 'iTels' to arrive. Additionally, it would put users of PPC on a firm footing over the next few years because they had very good hardware?

Would you agree with the logic? Or is it flawed because the change is occurring precisely because they can't make faster hardware? Any comments welcome.


The decision to switch to Intel is a massive one and Apple is likely to have been considering / arranging it for a long time. This makes me unsure if there will be lots of PPC products currently in the pipeline.

Lt Major Burns

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"there are some great PowerPC products in the pipe line"

"We want the first intel's shipping on this date, a year from now"

- Steve Jobs, WWDC June 6th, 2005


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Thanks, Lt. :)

About what shows are next:

- MWBO in July. No Apple booth, no Stevenote.
- AppleExpo Paris in September. Stevenote.

Apart from that, Apple has started to introduce products throughout the year.