When will u change yr Ti?

When will u change/update yr powerbook?

  • Now

  • Next update

  • When i have money

  • When new model comes out(replacement of Ti all together)

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I was just wondering when people will be replacing their Ti. I saw the new ones are just out but the one i have at the momment does its job very well so no need to update yet. I will do though on the next update release.

Thank a lot.
I get mine on 6 month deferred payment, so sell on every 6 months and purchase a new one! This happens to coincide with most new apple Powerbook releases funnily enough!:D
Probably in a couple of weeks. Being the "Senior" Mac tech, I get to play with all the new goodies when we get them in. ;)

Hope we order the CDRW ones.
Not for years! I shelled out a lot of cash for mine, and I've got a Firewire CD-RW. I've upgraded the RAM to 512 so that should last for ages. All I need now is an airport card and base station (if the wife will let me :D ).