WHEN will we be LIBERATED from OS 9???


Mac Ninja
I've heard some posts with people saying (upon release of 10.1) "I'm now Classic-free" and "OS 9 gone forever!!"

I can't yet agree.

I am so sorry to still bear the evil, ugly, bloody cross of OS 9, but it must endure.

Not until Microsoft releases their main apps (Office and Windows Media Player) can I ditch OS 9.

Not until Adobe and Macromedia release their apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver) can I ditch OS 9. I have the beta of Illustrator 10, works fine. (Proving again that Macromedia can't write software for shit, because their beta of Freehand 10 was a joke. At least the final version seems stable). Flash 5 does not even work in Classic. It crashes every 2 minutes. Flash 5 is unusable unless you REBOOT TO OS 9! ARGHHH!!!! (Currently my ONLY REASON TO REBOOT TO OS 9.) CURSE MACROMEDIA, CURSE THEM!!!

And not until there's a decent FTP program can I ditch OS 9, however Dreamweaver X may solve this....

The day that I have Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Flash, Office, Media Player, and FTP will be judgement day for OS 9.

I will not delete it. I will not even format my drive. No... I'm putting OS 9 under an Earth Magnet and wiping that shit, buying a new hard drive, and installing OS X.

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE OS 9. If OS X were never to come out, I'd be getting a Windows machine, after using Mac OS since 1989. All OS 9 does is crash at least 3 times a day, and makes incompatible shit, crashes, did I say crash?, the list goes on.............

I can NOT wait until the day OS 9 is gone forever. Apple's ugly past.........

You certainly are distressed about OS 9 and OS X. Try NetFinder for ftp on OS X, it works very well for me. MacAvenger (found in this forum) has an Office beta posted, or did as of last night.
OS 9.1 has been very stable on my iMac, but as we know a single extension conflict or bad program can cause the whole thing to crash.
I find Classic to be as fast as native OS 9. So why don't you use Classic until you get all of your other apps in native OS X form?
my main os is still OS9.
No DVD, no SCSI CD-R, no greek....

I aint switching full time till at least those are fixed.

Well, DVD works for me on my iMac & cube. I have read that it doesn't work with hardware DVD decoding or something like on a B/W G3. As far as SCSI, what do you mean by that? I don't have scsi except on my Wallstreet PB which I will try to install 10.1. Are you saying 10.1 doesn't support SCSI? Time to dust off my B/W G3 and test it. And it is all Greek to me :D
I got a SCSI PCI card because I had an external SCSI zip which I did not want to part, and then I got my SCSI CD-RW before all this firewire stuff came out and before USB CD-RWs were any good.