when X is independent from Classic?


Apple always set default OS to Classic. why just develope a classic emulator or code convertor? X now can't survive without Classic. I don't like two systems in my computer. one is enough.
X is independent of Classic, and if you do a clean install from the OS X CD you'll actually end up running a classic-free system. There is no dependence other than that of applications that haven't made the jump to X yet, eg: you may want to run classic if you use Photoshop, since the X release isn't here yet.
I am sorry to disappoint you PoweMACuser but i have to say that .. yes X is Classic Indipendent.. but the app... would not be for a little longer.. Like the just released InDesign 2.0 and Illustrator 10 still require your comp[uter to have a System Folder... so the installation won't finish if it doesn't detect the system folder..that means... No classic....no App ...

The folder on X is System not system folder ... Just to point this out.....

i am noty an idiot :)
I think what they're saying is that X can be and independant OS. Many people are running just 10.1 w/o any classic. I, for instance, don't have 9.x installed on either of my computers.

You only need Classic if you need to use programs that only run in 9, which is probably 85% of the Mac software. I think Apple didn't incooperate a 'Classic' within X because they want software companies to carbonize their software. If a Classic was in X, they wouldn't have to do that and the transition over to OSX would theoretically take a lot longer.
What i am saying is that EVEN X developed software i.e. Illustrator X and InDesign X require you tyo have 9 installed to be functional ... i tryed to install them without 9 installed and got ...The installation can't detect a system folder... after i installed 9 ..everythihng worked

SO OSX DEVELOPED software ... for now at leasrt... still require to have 9 ...(not all of it though)
Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2 are actually just carbon versions, they do not have seperate installers for the seperate operating systems. Carbonized software will work in both 9.x and 10.x, but these programs were written to work natively in X. If that makes any sense.

We'll have natively working Adobe software in their next versions when they decide to (hopefully) write the applications in cocoa, not just carbonize OS 9-intended programs.