where are all the drivers?


Today I finally broke down and paid $130 for my copy of Mac OS X (mac'-oh-sex')

I knew that there were a bunch of things that wouldn't work right out of the gate, even though I recently bought a used G4/350.

1) no Digidesign digi001 drivers, and no osX compliant ProTools
2) no Adaptec 2940UW drivers, which really stinks because all my protools songs are on a softRAID via the 2940
3) no Microtek scanner drivers
4) no Wacom drivers for my wireless pen & mouse
5) no M$ drivers for the Trackball Optical -- but they don't even officially support OS9 either, so that's not a surprise

But here's where I'm starting to get worried:
none of the major apps I use have been upgraded to work natively:
Adobe ATM, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Emagic Logic Audio, etc.
It's not as if the developers didn't know that OS X was coming out, say, TWO YEARS AGO.

Anyway, here's hoping that they'll get their programs in shape for MacWorld SF in January!
It's not as if the developers didn't know that OS X was coming out, say, TWO YEARS AGO.

Carbon has only really been usable for large scale apps since 1.3, and given Apple's track record with shipping 'next generation' MacOSes I don't blame developers for waiting until they had the retail box in their hand before doing anything.
RAID is included in OS X 10.1 As far as the most specialized drivers go, thats the job of the company, you can't blame apple for that. The only thing you can say is that Apple didnt help developers by waiting so long to lock in many protocols.
On march 24th I went down to my local apple store (We have had apple centres in Australia for quite some time, nothing like the ones you have in the US though. We would love one that good down here) and I brought OSX. I generally dont buy a OS on day one, however I knew that this was not just another OS. Sure I could not use my burner and I could not use DVD's but this version of MacOS was everything I had ever wanted in a operating system.

If its going to be 20USD its going to be about a 40 Dollar upgrade cost for me to get os 10.1. But its worth it, once again im showing support for a company who made a machine that I love to use and a operating system that kicks ass. Also the operating system is really cheap, just say i did buy windows 2000 it would have cost me $550AUS, then to upgrade to XP would be another 200 dollars.

OSX cost me around 200Australian Dollars, and if the upgrades only $Aussie Dollars then I am still doing alot better than those who are in wintel land.

If they offer the upgrade on the internet then great, if i have to buy it then so be it.

My biggest concern is WHEN IS IT COMMING. I just called up the apple centre in Chatswood (for those in sydney) and they said that they dont know when its comming or how much its going to be. Some people have mentioned the 26th but this is still speculation is it not?