Where are app support files

Aussie John

In the applications folder the imovie application is on its own - no folder for the support items like plugins- where are there? I downloaded some plugins and they are supposed to go in the plugin folders - but where is it?

Conversely if I install a new application it puts the whole folder in Applications including the support stuff.

Either one way or the other (application folder or just the app)- but I would like it consistant.

Can anyone enlighten me?



I don't know this for sure, but if iMovie is set up anything like iTunes, you'll find a plugins folder for it somewhere in ~/Library. For iTunes, it's in ~/Library/iTunes/. I would therefore imagine that iMovie plugins are in ~/Library/iMovie/iMovie Plugins/

[I'm assuming you know that ~/ means your home directory. So ~/Library/ really means /Users/username/library/].

More generally, application support files are often in the application bundle, which you can view by getting info, and then choosing (I think it's called) "Application Files" from the drop-down list.

(It's so hard to do this stuff from memory when you're enduring staring at a Windows NT desktop at work all day).