Where are Quicksilver MP3's?


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Hi y'all,

I bought my quicksilver about three weeks ago and have used the pre-installed system until yesterday.
The nice thing was, that it had hundreds of MP3 loaded!!!

Now, yesterday I installed everything anew from the seperate os 9.2.1 CD and 10.0.4 CD included in my software package, but nowhere on the CDs can I find an MP3 folder.

Where have all the mp3s gone??


That's a simple rule...if you format ...you loose all the data...
Anyway if you use the restore CD that cames with the computer... you ll have the system back as it was when you got the cmputer..including the MP3.

hope this help ..Andy
Hmmm,... sounds pretty good ;-)))

Yeah, sure,.... if I did a system restore. But I installed it from the *real* install CDs. Well, maybe I can use the restore CDs to restore over my last installation. Worth a try.