Where can I find the Developer's Kit for Intel?? Anybody seen it?



I was wondering if anybody has seen the Develper's Kit for Tiger on Intel?? It's nowwhere to be found... I've looked all over apple's website and found nothing. Thanks for your time
So, $500 for membership, $999 for a intel mac that you can keep for a year and a half? Hmmm.....
ScottW said:
So, $500 for membership, $999 for a intel mac that you can keep for a year and a half? Hmmm.....

Well if it makes you one of the first out the gate with your new Mac app that's compatible with Intel based hardware that Apple will be more than happy to feature on their Apple.com download page as demo you can buy for $20.
Given that you only have to sell 75 copies to recoup your initial investment, I'd say it's money well spent.
Hm or you could download Xcode 2.1 free and recompile within minutes... cost = $0. they're obviously marketing the dev machines for big companies, not Joe Coder.
Joe Coder might want to be able to test his apps on machines it's going to run on. The smaller devs I know at least keep around three machines (one of the oldest G3 Macs supported by the application/OS, a G4 machine and a G5 as new and powerful as possible).

If you're a developer, you probably already shell out the money for the ADC account, so that's no biggie. And if you're in Macintosh development for money, 999 USD for 1.5 years isn't that much, either.

But I guess a lot of the smaller devs will simply buy the cheapest machine that will become available in June 2006 and deliver their apps shortly afterwards. (They can start creating the FAT binary on the PPC Macs - and if they compile fine, they _should_ run fine on Mac/intel hardware.)
But think if they priced these machines much lower - then Joe User would flock to buy them. Notice how Student developers can't purchase them either. So Apple doesn't want them to get in the wrong hands. But I bet once people do start getting them, disk images of the hard drives will start appearing on BitTorrents.. hopefully not though.
I guess those drive images won't run on any hardware besides intel-Macs, though.
I think you will see intel based macs in the market pritty quick. I dare say you wont ever see a PowerBook g5, the next powerbook might be intel based.