Where Did Export go?


export PATH
export: command not found

where did export go????
never nor less where did profiles go?

cat /etc/profiles
unable to open /etc/profiles
no such file or folder

if anyone has an answer to this let me know k thnx
What shell are you in?, if you are in tcsh it won't work.

Your lines will work in "sh", type sh at the prompt.

or if you are in tcsh (csh)

setenv PATH "${PATH}:/usr/local/bin"

I think it is /etc/profile not with the (s), I am not on my MacOSX so I can't check this until evening.
Each shell has its own way of setting shell variables: export, setenv, set, etc.

As for /etc/profile, if you're trying to set shell startup scripts and such there's a good way to do it with tcsh. Go to the /usr/share/init/tcsh directory and edit the login file (or any of the others).