Where did InputSprocket go...?


There appears to be no InputSprocket support in Mac OS X PB.

  • Has Apple abandoned the InputSprocket technology?
  • Or is it simply that Apple has not yet implemented the InputSprocket support in this beta, but InputSprocket will be in the final release of os x?

I need to know this so i can know whether i should bitch and moan ("I Want Support For This GamePad Pro That I Paid Good Money For!!"), or sit and wait quietly ("Oh, Well, It's Only A Beta.").

If only http://www.apple.com/ was better organized, i could figure this out myself.. -_-
Inputsprocket is dead but there will be the HID Manager so all the things you like in Inputsprocket will be there in HID Manager. Now I only hope that the HID Manager will be working with Inputsprocket in Classic