Where do you buy memory?


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Well I've been thinking of loading up the ole PowerMac G4 800 with a bit more memory (going from 896mb to 1.25gb) but it seems memory prices are kinda high. Generic is fine by me, never had a problem. I've always shopped at 18004memory.com because they seem to have been cheap and reliable. Current prices for PC-133/100 are $99.00 for 512mb.

Where do you guys shop?


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Yeah, Apple is notorious for ripping off customers with RAM. Crucial is the most popular memory supplier for PC and Macs. They make their own RAM and it's high-quality, although I'm not sure you're going to find a better deal than 99$ for 512 there. That's a pretty good price.

Although Crucial's might be slightly more expensive, I personally know people who've upgraded with poor-quality ram and had terrible problems with bluescreens (the pc users) and crashing (mac users.) Wherever you buy, make sure you're confident in the manufacturer.


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Stupid Question:

I've always assumed Apple PC-133 memory is different than PC-133 memory. Is that, in fact, the case?


See my comments under the Crucial G5 memory updates thread.

Apple memory at least on the G4 and newer is standard memory. But you need to understand memory terminology. Registered or unregistered relates to whether the i/o lines are latched or not. Apple desktop systems use unregistered memory. CAS latency relates to the settling time on address lines before the chips can be selected and some systems use 3 and some use 2.5. Crucial has a good model/size selector which gets you to the right product for your box. Sometimes you can pay too little for a product :confused:

Also Apple systems tend to be more sensitive to timing variances and other wrinckles so tight spec memory is safer. Crucial is very good and they stand behind their product. I have 512 Mb Crucial + 256 Mb Apple in my Al PB G4 and never had a problem.



Being a new mac user, I also had questions about the ram. I pulled a 512mb stick of pc133 from my ibm net vista and put it in the imac g4 and to my surprise had no problems. Then I changed it out with at least 4 other brands and still had no problems. I'm not sure about the pc133 sodimm though. I didn't have any to test it with.


The memory I purchase for home I've gotten almost exclusively from www.macsolutions.com.
Their prices on older forms of RAM tend to be lower than the competition, and they're very good about prompt return of the occasional bad stick.