Where does a new (old) user go to get up to speed?


I'm a ways behind the curve, despite having had a Mac Plus as my second computer, as I haven't had any time with OS X and am now a short time away from having a new Mac with Tiger. On top of my old Mac skills being a decade or so rusty, I can only imagine that they don't apply but so much to the new system, and am looking for a good starting point for getting caught up.

The obvious things (this is a mouse, this is a keyboard, this is a window, this is the garbage can) aren't going to get in my way, of course, but things like keyboard shortcuts, features built into the OS and the integrated programs, optimizing performance, all the little tricks that aren't obvious on the surface of things, I could use a hand in coming to grips with them. So if anyone knows of a good reference site, or better yet a site with simulation tutorials, I would be entirely happy to know of them.
Well, if you are into books, The OReilly book "Mac OS X The Missing Manual: Tiger Edition" would be excellent. I like books because I can make highlights and dogear pages, make notes etc. (The missing manual series are excellent as well.)

Reading this site, skimming thru the forums, also an excellent place to learn. Lots of people with lots of knowledge and willing ot help in any way! We also have the help system here and chat for those moments when you need help as well.

Pick up MacWorld and MacAddict magazines. Always helpful, and it gets your brane re-immersed into the Mac line of thinking.

Check the Apple forums in their support area, lots of stuff there (but a little overwhelming I think for a new guy).

I dont know of any tutorials, but the above should be a good place ot start!
I second the whole "book" concept. Great night-time reading. :D

I also agree with the "OS X Missing Manual" book choice, not because I've read the book, but because I've read all sorts of other stuff by the author, David Pogue, and he is a great, funny writer.

For old fogies: Anybody remember Macworld Mac Secrets by David Pogue and Joe Schorr? Amazing book about Mac OS 7.something.
adambyte said:
For old fogies: Anybody remember Macworld Mac Secrets by David Pogue and Joe Schorr? Amazing book about Mac OS 7.something.

Yes, still have it too, quite a good reference if I got stuck on how to do something.

I find exploring OSX is like exploring Classic. Although things are different in places you can still get a hang of things. Control Clicking brings up a menu in both OS's etc.

Trying to find things in OSX is lot different. The systems folder is completely different as in Classic I was able to identify a lot of Control Panels or what ever and know if it was safe to remove or switch off. This is something you need more skill in for OSX.

The Mac Secrets Books are great, and playing around and discovering things is better still. Like the worse you could do is accidently put the Applications folder into the Trash like my Mother did :rolleyes: