Where does Porthos "go"??

Where does he do it?

  • On the Transporter Pad

  • One of the "Red Shirts" must have that duty

  • He's really a robot

  • You're thinking about this way too much

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Ummm. In the last episode he goes on the planet, but on the ship where does he go??

I mean he's always in the captain's quarters. Is there a crewman whose sole duty is to clean up after him? I have two Boston Terriers and if I didn't have a back yard, whooo boy! And he's on a ship.

Any Navy guys out there? I was in the army and we had some dogs, but we weren't cooped up on some ship. What'd you guys do?

Maybe they just put him on the transporter, let him do his business, then transport it out to space. But, I'm sure that violates some directive, if not the Prime Directive.
Suspension of disbelief...

Remember, on the 1701 (No bloody A, B, C or D [or even E for that matter]) there was only ONE set of restrooms on the ENTIRE SHIP. Take a look at the scematics, and you'll see I'm right. For that matter, do you EVER see a toilet in ANY episode? Showers, yes. Toilets, no.

It's like Victorian England. Enemas are good for you, but God Forbid you talk about actually TAKING a movement...
There is only one public bathroom I think, but quarters have bathrooms in them I believe.

I would hate to be in engineering and wanting to take a leak :p
Piss on the wark core, make cool it down a little :p
Check out this site http://www.alphadry.com this is how they can seem to hold it forever. Now as for porthos, if I am not mistaken there are slotted walkways on a lot of decks, I would hate to be under him if he has to go