Where does Sierra store Custom printer settings


Hey all -
After switching from El Capitan to Sierra, I need to copy my custom paper and sheet size settings for my HP Z3200ps plotter. Both systems are on separate drives and I need to bring the sheet size and different paper settings into Sierra. There are so many places to look in the Library I thought maybe Migration tool would do individual files but it wants to migrate the entire drive. I print 99% of my jobs out of Acrobat Pro DC.
Any help out there?


Update :
You know what I like most about this forum, besides the help and knowledge I've received over the years, is the MAGICAL aspect. Almost Unicorn Magical. While waiting for a reply, I did some digging and testing some plist files in the Preference folder and found the page setup files. Dropped the previous El Cap files into the preferences of the Sierra library and after shutting down and rebooting, it was MAGICAL.
Thanks to all for the good karma!


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That's what we are here for ! :)