Where *else* to get 10.1?


I don't have an Apple Store within 300 miles of my house. What other stores will have the upgrade?
CompUSA's are suppose to have the upgrade cd's. Doesn't mean the will or will have it available in a timely fassion, but they should have it. I also hope Fry's electronics has it. Any other authorized Apple reseller should have it from what I have heard, but then again I have heard reports that certain stores arn't carrying it for some reason.
My CompUSA has a full time OFFICIAL Apple Rep in the store. She told me that Apple was trying to integrate the Apple Store within some CompUSA's. I haven't talked to her since the announcement about 10.1 but I'm almost certain about my CompUSA carrying it on Saturday morning. I tried calling her earlier today about this but she was on her lunch break so I guess I'll try later or just wait 2 days and see what happens.
I ltalked to my local compUSA in San Rafael. They were not going to carry the upgrade. He called Apple and he said that they would make it available as a donwloadable online. It didn't seems like the guy knew what he was talking about so I didn't really trust his judgement.
I later called Apple myself and they said that almost all Circuit City stores will carry the upgrade.
Circuit City stores??? Oh yeah, this ought to be fun!

"OSX? Oh, you mean Windows XP? That's not out yet...."

"But Apple said-"

"Who??? Apple doesn't make computers anymore - they went out of business years ago!"


I wouldn't of even of thought of going to Circuit City for something like this. I mean, I know CC sells Macs - I just try to forget.