Where have all the docklings gone?


I just upgraded to 10.1.

I read that you could now control iTunes from the iTunes dockling without actually launching iTunes. I though this was great news. I disabled the iTunes dockling because it did not do anything that the iTunes icon did not also do. No point in having two dock items with the same functionality.

After the update, I noticed that all of my disabled docklings have disappeared. Can someone please post the updated iTunes dockling?

I tried the Apple web site, but they still have iTunes 1.1.1 (which bothers me a little). I downloaded this and when I run the package I get an error that says "Missing or old Bill Of Materials" (which bothers me a little more).

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PS>I drove 400 miles (from Rochester, NY to Columbus, OH) on Saturday to get my copy of 10.1 and to see the Apple Store. That store is like a dream come true. Not only do they have Apple hardware in abundance, but they also have many accessories I did not expect. This is truly what shopping for Apple products should be!
Docklings are dead (apple ones anyway). They've been replaced by the "menu-lings", that have the same functionality but are in the menu bar up by the clock so they dont take up your limited dock space. This is a very good thing.

Apps in the dock can actually be controlled from the dock now (I believe apple had not implemented the API in previous versions of OSX). So you dont need an iTunes dockling. When you have itunes runnings, right click (or control click) on it and you will see all the option that used to be in the dockling.

Cool :cool:

edit: err misunderstood a little bit. But I dont get what you mean by being able to control itunes with it being open? How could you possibly control an app that is not running? And if you could, why would you want to? Just curious.