Where is Apple TV Big Sur App pulling videos from?


So, according to "Welcome to Apple TV, the best place to see, share, watch, save, whatever your videos" I have one video on my computer.
It is an 8 minute video that was created in 2015.
I have many videos on my computer.
So, for fun, I found a .mov movie. 1min. 24 seconds. A Xmas home movie from 2010. I had to open it in VLC. I converted it to an .m4v so it is identical to the one movie that Big Sur Apple TV app has in "home videos".
I played it on the desktop and it worked.
So, I dragged it into the TV>Media>Home Movies so it is right under the only video that Big Sur Apple TV has added for me to watch.
Not there. Nope. Just the first one.
Rebooted. Nope.
How do you get videos into the home movie folder to be able to see them in the Big Sur Apple TV app on the computer?
Do I have to convert every .mov into .m4v
What is the secret? Apparently, I will need to put this on my list of things to do along with my playlists from CDs I own.

Really enjoying the ability to have upgraded to Big Sur from Mojave and to now spent time verifying all my software, watching a very very slow incremental backup process, cleaning up iTunes playlists so they'll show up and now trying to figure out how to see a video. Some that have been on the computer for at least 10 years.
Here's what I used to do. I would click on the video and it played. That is really archaic and old fashioned huh?
I just bought new 16" MBP and now have Monterey from my old Mohave. If you think movies are a headache, try putting a folder into the HD--So far, totally impossible!
(FWIW, I also have, and use, VLC)
I discovered (through osmosis, of course, as there are no manuals), that moving the videos, in any format to the folder I found using Finder didn't work. But opening Apple TV, then going to the Home Movie folder, then choosing import, then going back into the HD, and sorting movie files, then shift/drag to capture them all and then drop into the folder marked "Home Movies" that is in the Big Sur Apple TV app worked. Simple huh. They want you to use your iPhone to make movies but really want you to buy movies to actually keep them anywhere. Unless, of course, you want to pay to keep them in the cloud. :cool: