Where o' where could my mousey be???


Every so often when I boot a classic ap. (photoshop, entorauge usually) I frequently loose my cursor image. I can locate where my mouse is by puling it down to the dock and highlighting some icons but the problem is that I can't seem to get the image back without quitting the application. The only quam with quitting the app is that it takes soooo damn long to restart (128MB Phys. Ram).
Anyone had any problems with this or know a possible solution??

I get this every day, myself, as I have a cron job that has StuffIt Expander unstuff the latest build of Mozilla (in a completely related note, does anyone know of a command-line program that can deal with *.sit's and *.bin's? I hate having to be logged in to have this work), and whenever it runs the job, the cursor disappears.

Fortunately, there is a work around that you can use to bring back your cursor...unfortunately, it's really not that much better. To get the cursor back, all you need to do is quit any program, not just the one you opened up. I either command-tab to a program I don't need and quit it, or open and quit TextEdit from the dock.

I have to admit, this is pretty pathetic when it comes to solving the problem. Hopefully, the missing cursor problem will be fixed completely soon.
I've also noticed that on occasion if you do a (command)"O" or such a command to open a finder window the cursor will come back. It happens to me all the time in After Effects.. I use command "I" so the project doesn't close first. This used to work much better a few versions back.. just occasionally now.