Where to place downloaded .wdgt files for Dashboard?


I downloaded Rabbit Radio and Sys Stat from the "Get more Widgets" button, on Dashboard. Both files were in the form of zip files and I unzipped them and extracted the corresponding .wdgt files. Where do I place them? If I click on them from the particular Downloads folder that I downloaded them to, I can run them, but I want to see them lined up with all the other choices? What I mean, is when someone clicks on Dashboard and clicks on the + button, there is a selection on the bottom of the screen... How do I place these Dashboard applications there and also where do I place .wdget files on my hard drive?
Normally when you download Widgets, with Safari though, they are automaticly moved to the right folder, which i will tell you in a second. 1. They are moved to User/Library/Widgets

Now your widget will appear in the Dashboard's 'dock'.
There's also System > Library > Widgets, which is where I move all of mine so other users can also access them. I have an Automator plug-in for the Finder than lets me move widgets to that folder and replace older ones, if needed, with a right click.