where to put applications?


official breaker of macs.
currently, all my applications are under machd/applications. i'm contemplating moving them to users->me->applications. any advantages/disadvantages to this? can i just drag all the dang files over there?
basically what i'm looking for is a way to organize my applications. i'm pretty new to the macworld, so i don't know about file moving and the sort. the mac allows so much that my wintel machine did not (renaming with odd characters, renaming while downloading, moving while downloading, etc.) so i'm not sure what i can do.
how do you people have your applications organized? there's a lot of crap in my applications folder.


=- boi.
Hi Boi,

even with macosx you're still working with a macintosh :)
Unless you are speaking of the built-in or selfcompiled unix tools you can move them to whereever you want them to be.
Me personally i leave the standard-apps (the ones delivered by apple) where they are (/Applications or /Applications/Utilities). All other apps i put in a UserApps folder in my Homedir and subdivided into categories like "Graphics", "Authoring", "Office" etc...)
Be careful what you do with the unix-layer though ;)

i'm new to all mac stuff in general :p
wow- that's really cool. you know, on a wintel machine, if you move a program .exe file to a different folder things go berzerk.
alright! i'm off to move applications around now!

believe me, i've no clue how to move around linux stuff, let alone how to use it ;)
=- boi.
Personally I've kept my MacOS X and MacOS 9 apps separate and I have made folders like
Web Dev
Media players
Media Editing
Network Apps
and a few more that I cannot remember,

Once I accumulate more OS X apps, I will do the same ;)