Where's iDVD???


Mac Ninja
Wait... I got the 5G64 Mac OS X 10.1 thing from MacAvenger's FTP..... (thanks again, btw)....


there's no iDVD.

It seems like it's part of 10.1 based on all of Apple's marketing.

Where did it go??

Apple REALLY makes it sound like it's packaged with OS X.1 on its web site. Nowhere does it say "sold separately". That's apple for you....
iDVD is Apple's free DVD editing program. Yes, it _should_ be free. I guess it wouldn't surprise me, though, if you only get it with a computer that has a SuperDrive. Bummer.

If Apple made iDVD easy to get, then other Mac users could join the DVD revolution with an external burner. I can't imagine that cutting into sales of high-end Macs, but then, that's not my job.

iDVD does only come with the superdrive equipped macs. Apple made a big point of that when they went on sale. it was one of the reasons i held on to my backorder for the superdrive model even after they tried to get me to switch.

SHOULD it be free? yeah, I guess. maybe apple was afraid no one would buy the superdirve models without some incentive, though... They'd just add a dvd burner to their current set up. Apple is in the business of selling hardware.:)
Thats funny, its on my QuickSilver, which does not have a super drive. Just the dvd combo drive (cdr and dvd-read).

If I drive to Columbus on Saturday for the 10.1 cd at the apple store, should I back up iDVD first (would the 10.1 install remove it)?
iDVD 2 is included one the full install version of 10.1 and will be available as a free download when 10.1 is released on Saturday.

Could people just head over to the Apple site and read the stuff there before posting such stuff here?

When do people finally understand that 5G64 is NOT the GM and that 5G68 is NOT the GM. Geez, stop complaining about leaked, illegal software!
Can't speak for the quicksilvers. Don't have one. But it was a big point that Apple made - that iDVD would only be included on SuperDrive models - when the Superdrive first became available...