Where's macosX arabic ?


Where's macosX arabic ? we still wait ....
PC user have win 2000 in arabic / win 98 / office 2000 / internet explorer/outlook/front page/Access/ ....
We want a macos X arabic ....

The "base" for arabic in windoes has been there for a while now, but OS X is a new product. Arabic exists in OS 9 as a language pack which you can download. If you dont have arabic for OS 9 I can try to see if it is as a specific link that I have so you can download it :)

I think the fonts do exist for arabic (as part of unicode) but a method for input is not there. The same situation exists for many languages like greek and russian :)

I am sure we will see some sort of input method from apple soon (or from some developer anyway :) )