Wheres my floppy?


I just noticed that I inserted a Floppy to copy some files to a PC and it does not show up.
I'm on a Bedge G3. Anyone else have problems accessing floppies? I think it was a PC formated floppy.
I did not try a mac floppy. I guess I should have.
Hi, I had the same prob. also tried it with a pc floppy, not a mac one. I do think that if osx supports floppies, it should show them whatever format they are...

If anyone has more info on this, please post it here!
Mac OSX PB does not support "PC EXCHANGE" I don't think there will be "PC Exchange" in the final version, but it will support the Fat 12,16,32 file formats used by PCs. At current time, any disks (not only floppies) in these file formats will not work. Mac file format disks work fine though. My VST USB Floppy works, but the icon is a CD ROM.

I haven't checked as I am at work now,
but I seem to recall that the only
piece of hardware that apple was not
committing to supporting was the beige
G3s' floppy drives. This doesn't mean
that support won't be there, but it isn't
guaranteed, either.

If I get home and my beige's internal
floppy works, i'll gladly eat my words.
But, if you don't have PC exchange and
the drive DOES work, you wouldn't expect
that nothing would happen. Instead, you
would expect the "format this disk?"
type dialog.

Expect update later,