Where's the free VirtualPC?


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I thought at the KeyNote Connectix said there'd be a free "test drive" version of Virtual PC for Mac OS X.

Anyone know where it is?

Rats! I thought it was a demo of Virtual PC for OS X, but it's a trial upgrade for owners of 4.0.

Oh well. I guess I'm waiting X.1 and this too now.

I tried using my VPC 4 serial number to get a new number ofor oos x and it said it had been used too many tiems - anyone got one i can use or the straight os x one to use?
I have downloaded the test drive for VPC, umm...why don't my serial #'s work? I have VPC 4 in OS9, I used the same serial numbers for the OSX virsion...HELP I WANT THIS TO WORK!
Ok, well I guess that would work hu?
But what if your not really fond of Registering much of anything....
Guess I won't get to use the App.:rolleyes:
Well, 4.0.5 was disappointingly slow. I was saddened, and considered booting back into OS9 to run MSProject and Visio in VPC.

Then I learned about the 4.0.6 version... grabbed me a copy, installed it and without even shutting down the saved state I had on my drive image, I experienced the new 4.0.6.

All I can say is, there's no reason for me to boot back into OS 9.

It could still use some improvement, like all software releases since the dawn of time... but it's quick enough to serve my work needs.

Great job, Connectix Test Drive team!

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