Where's Tile, Where's just a colur ??


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I was poking away yesterday for quite some time in photoshop, making a seamless little image "Texture" that I wanted as my background... (My first attempt at using something other than a full size image) ...

When I was done and went to Finder Preferences and selected it... Finder just placed the small 128x128 image in center screen...

I looked all over and can not find where I can tell Finder to tile the image...
At least Finder did not try and "Fit To Screen" the small image... but heck, since there are no options other than selecting an image I thought it was smart and would "Fit To Screen" or "Tile" all on it's on..... it seems "Tile" has been left out of the "Auto Aqua" code ;-(

Does anyone know to get something to Tile ?

And one last thought..... It would be very nice if you could simply
choose a color from the color picker as your desktop background.. much like you in other os's ;-)
I'm sure Apple'll get around to this part. That's what the Feedback page is for.

There are a LOT of features that have been left out and it's up to Us to tell them which ones are worthy of being X-ized. ;)