Which Browser to use


I have tried a few different web browsers but have not decided which seems to be the best. Some input from other users would be helpful on which broswers they favour more. maybe i have missed some as well.


Hi max

welcome to the forum I suggest you check this thread :http://www.macosx.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47866&highlight=browser

You should find more by using the search feature of this forum. Lots of subjects have been discussed already and IMO you often find an answer before starting a thread :)

that beeing said I've been using SAFARI mainly just adding pithelmet to it. I find Firefox a very good alternative it does load images very fast and works a lot better with the flashchat of this forum, that is when someone is there :D

You didn't mention which ones you've been trying so far neither what use of a browser you make my guess is that it would help to give an advice with more infos.

Take care
Go get opera, camino, firefox, and omniweb. IMO they are the only ones worth trying. Give them all a trip around the block a few times and decide which you like best.

I'm using the camino alpha now because of certain add ons.

Safari was my previous and I have no major beefs.

Firefox is nice, but I hate the keyboard shortcuts they use with a passion. They just don't work on the powerboook very well.

Omniweb is very nice, but not free.

Some people swear by Opera, but it is just a bit too different for me.

Use them all and pick your poison!
I think at this point almost all the browsers are pretty much the same speed (with the exception of IE), and the critical thing is whihc features you want. I suppose it's a matter of whether you use the browser for RSS feeds (Safari and Firefox excel here), multimedia (Safari), or research (Firefox, Safari). In my opinion, Safari remains the best looking browser for the mac if that matters to you. If you tend to have a lot of tabs open at the same time, then Omniweb is awesome.

Just also want to direct you attention to Shiira at http://hmdt-web.net/shiira/en. It's a Safari knock-off, but has a number of neat extra features such as Tabexpose. Certainly worth checking out.

Good luck.
I would recommend either Safari or Camino on OS X. Firefox is good too, but Camino is more optimized for OS X and it's basically the same thing.