Which directories to backup?


Some guy
I'm setting up a backup system using hfspax and cron, and am wondering what directories I should back up to make recovery the easiest.

I don't want to back up everything, because given the change for a clean install, I'd rather keep as much of the new install as possible, and just restore my settings and applications. In that vein the only directories I currently have backed up are /Users and /Applications - are there any others that I should add to the list?

thanks much for any suggestions.

User settings are stored in /Users/username/Library so grabbing /Users will cover your settings.
That depends.. What do you have installed...

If you have installed MySql or other Unix apps it gets far more complicated.

If its a standered X install, Just back up users directories, and Applications.

If you have a lot of users set up, you might want to do a NetInfo Dump.. (nidump) use man nidump to find out how to use it..

Later when you want to restore use niload.