Which MacBook version should I switch with to get better video editing support?


Recently, I have taken the decision to buy a MacBook by replacing my old pc. I've already looked at several good laptops from the Apple MacBook series, but I'm not sure which one I should choose. I'm unable to make a final decision until now, as I'm lacking knowledge regarding this subject. Below is a list of specifications I need on my laptop, as well as the list of editing software. Which I'd like to use with no problems or lag. Please check and suggest to me the best one.

Spec's Requirements:

Processor: Apple M1 or M1 Pro

Display: FHD or XDR

Storage: At least 1 TB

RAM: At least 16 GB

Graphics: 8-core / 16-core GPU

Software lists:

Photoshop (latest version)
Gravit Designer
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
DaVinci Resolve
HitFilm Express
adobe after effects

Does this site provide MacBook Pro legal price, because I have faced some issues with our country reseller, they're charging too much price than the official price. Should I take from this site, I am also seeking this advice.

Hope I will receive my best suggestions from macosx community. Thanks in advance
Your mission looks quite intense! 16" MBP will be more than sufficient to handle the job.
Apple will not let you do any internal upgrades, so it would be best to get the most right off the bat. That means possibly upgrading to 32G RAM instead of 16G. 1TB HD & the 32G RAM can be ordered, but likely will need to be built for you--most suppliers will not have that in stock. Be prepared to wait, as shipments are slow these days.

I have no clue as to where you are, nor any knowledge of that supplier. Why can't you order direct from Apple? They do nor gouge (except that they are quite proud of their RAM and SSDs)