Which Mouse To Buy ?


I'm shopping around for the right mouse, and could sure use some advice/recommendations. I need a mouse for my G4 iBook, and would like to have at least three buttons, with a high quality/accurate scroll wheel.

I'd prefer a USB optical mouse, not wireless. I already have a wireless mouse that uses lots of batteries, and also drains the battery in my iBook.

I just bought a Logitech mouse from BestBuy. Installed the software and my iBook froze. Couldn't do anything at all, until I plugged in my old mouse, so I could uninstall the software. Now I have to go back to BestBuy and return the mouse that claims to be OS X compatible!

Please share your experiences and recommendations. Thanks!
Have you tried using the mouse without the software? Sometimes the included software tends to cause more problems than just plugging in and using it.
I would like to have the features that come with the mouse. Without the software from the CD I don't have the additional features. I really would like to have a mouse with buttons that allow you to go back and forward (browsing), and other cool features, like switching applications.

The most important thing for me though is an accurate wheel for scrolling.
You might want to try USB Overdrive. It handles just about any USB mouse, and gives you tons of features. The only problem is that its advanced scroll-wheel acceleration doesn't seem to work in 10.4.2 (it worked fine in 10.4.1, though). I use it myself with my MacAlly dotMouse (which is great, except for the retarded presence of a blinding blue LED, which I had to cover with electrical tape; seriously, I could use that thing as a flashlight).