Which rc files to use?


I'm familiar with Solaris and other UNIXes tendencies to look for files in /etc/rc.{0-3,d} and files in /etc/init.d

What I'm not so sure in BSD is where to add things into the startup sequence (and be somewhat standard about it).

I'd just throw it into rc, rc.common or rc.boot, but there seems to be something other things going on, especially with /sbin/SystemStarter which probably looks at /etc/hostconfig...

Can't seem to find any documentation on SystemStarter, but I'm sure there's a standard way.

What is it? :)
Look in /System/Library/StartupItems (very Mac-like, no ?).

There's a directory for each program to launch at startup. You should be able to copy/modify an existing example.

What I'm confused about is why there isn't a ~/Library/StartupItems , which would seem logical (start up items for when a user logs in).