Which Secondary Browser Do You Suggest?


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My iBook came with two browsers already installed: Safari, which I currently use as my browser; and Internet Explorer, which I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. I'm very happy with Safari, but I'm considering installing another Web browser (freeware only!) just for the sake of user interface/feature variety. I've heard good things about Firefox. I've also heard good things about Avant (or is this one only for Windows?)...

If anyone could suggest a good, fast browser with nice features and security, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :)


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I use Firefox as my main browser. Can leave it running forever and have no problems. Safari, I have to quit at least once a day, and I run a script to quit it and empty the Cache.

It's a matter of personal preference, just try the different ones and see what you like best.


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Gotta be Firefox, IMO. It wouldn't make sense to make another WebKit-based browser your backup, since Safari is based on WebKit. So it has to be a Mozilla/Gecko-based browser.

The only two Mozilla/Gecko-based browsers worth considering are Camino and Firefox. Camino is very Mac-like, but awfully light on features. Firefox has a nasty cross-platform interface, BUT it's really beefy, and has all sorts of extensions made for it.

There's also iCab, which uses its own custom engine. It has TONS of features, but its rendering engine is slow behind the times. It's buy far the best browser "shell" out there, but without a good engine...I can't really recommend it. It was my favorite browser for years, but it has some catching up to do now.


Either Camino or FireFox would be my choice. They both use the same rendering Mozilla rendering engine, but Camino is in a Cocoa shell and I like the resulting "look and feel" a bit better than that of FireFox. But the choice is entirely subjective.

I read recently that FireFox is going commercial, I don't know how that will effect either of these browsers in the long run.


I use Firefox as my main and Safari as my secondary. I also have Camino installed. IE came pre-installed on here but I deleted it.


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Again, Firefox seems to get rave reviews. All right, thanks for your replies, everyone! :)


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Oops. Forgot to ask: Which version of Firefox should be looking for? I have an iBook G4 with Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther). Thanks for all your replies, folks! Looking forward to a new experience with Firefox! :)


i am trying out Camino and it is really fast and downloads are extremely fast on my machine...

i downloaded a 92mb file in less than five minutes!!


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Thanks again, everyone, for all the great, informative replies! And thanks for that link! :)