Which wireless router for Mac switcher?


Question comes from a soon-to-be Mac switcher who's not familiar with wireless -

I currently have two windows desktops networked via a Linksys DSL Router (BEFSR41 v2.1) which is connected to a Webstar cable modem leased from Charter. I'm purchasing an iBook next week, so I'll also need to be able to connect to broadband wirelessly. Should I:

- Use Airport Express or Extreme
- Consider a non-mac wireless router like Netgear's Rangemax
- Consider a travel router like Netgear's WGR101 so I can keep my existing router but still have wireless internet for my iBook
- Consider a cable modem and wireless router combo (are these all-in-ones called gateways?)

I have a strong feeling I'll be trading in my desktops for Mac systems, so I want to keep that in mind.

Any guidance you can offer is much appreciated!
Airports are more expensive.

Netgear, Buffalo, D-Link are all good wireless routers.

I wouldn't go with an all in one.
Is there any reason why you think you'll need another router? Surely the one you have will be up to the task. Of course your existing router is ethernet and you want to go wireless, then that would explain it.

Yes, the Airport routers are more expensive, but their quality is excellent. You might also be interested in checking out offerings from Netgear and D-Link. Just make sure you select one which supports the 802.11g standard, not 802.11a or 802.11b.
bobw said:
Airports are more expensive.

Netgear, Buffalo, D-Link are all good wireless routers.

I wouldn't go with an all in one.

why not an all in one?

i am looking to buy a hardwire ethernet router with modem, or possibly an 802.11g 4 port ethernet router with dsl modem in it. why should i be cautious? i've been stung before with this, so any answers much appreciated
If money wasn't an issue, then I'd go with an Airport hands down. If money is an issue, then looking into DLink or Netgear versions may be the way to go. You should stay away from Linksys if at all possible...they're not well known for being Mac friendly.

I'm running off an Airport Express in my apartment, works great. It's located on the second floor in my bedroom, haven't had any issues on the first floor of my apartment nor have I had problems on the ground level of the building. I'm actually really impressed with it so far. If you don't need more than 10 connections, it's a pretty good choice for half the price of the Airport Extreme base station.