Whining eMac

Mike Adams

My wife's eMac (1.25 GHz, 10.4.1) intermittently emits a high-pitched whining sound. This is not coming from the speakers, nor does it correlate with drive activity. As far as I know, the only other moving part is the fan. Has anyone had a similar problem,, and fixed it?

Sounds like a dying fan. Also check in the CD drive and make sure there is no CD in it that could be causing the sound. Listen by that vent on the back of the computer when it makes the noise. The fan is at the bottom of that round vent.
You are probably right: the CD drive has no effect open/closed/in use. I will listen at the fan vent
I get that from time to time. I hope it's not a dying fan I've only had my Emac since christmas. I've always put it down to the monitor. I've always had it on crt monitors. In my cases it dies away after a max of about 20 seconds.

I've read up on it before because I've had it since I was a kid at school when a monitor was turned on I'd always get this noise in my ear for about 5seconds even if the monitor was in another room sometimes. Apparently, some people can't hear it. I think it's just something a lot of CRT monitors do.