who dared ??


who dared to do this ... this thing!

a mix of a wonderful Mac OS X and a Wind... Wind... ind... ows. (to hard to say).

Please, God, if you look at this page, don't open your eyes or you could be so terrify, as much as you could destroy the world Apple.

Please Mum, shut down my iMac, and burn it. It has been contaminated.

Arggg!! I'm touching it. Conta .. conta.. mination!!!

Windows!! Windows!! Windows!! *Bug*
I'm so sorry, this was a reply to <a href="http://www.macosx.com/showthread.php?threadid=5295">You are gona hate this</a>.

I don't understand, I missed the reply button.

Has I said : *Bug*
Windows was in me. (eks! ouch! arrg!)