who is the real X 10.1? the one?


we've heard about the 10.1 is in GM now.... yea i hope......

what is the real? i have seen on some server 5g59,5g42,5g46, and more n more 5gsomething..... but who is the one? the real GM osX 10.1?

i hope someone know the truth.....

thanks to all...
G64 has not been up yet but I suspect it will, and on a lot of servers, once the update hits the stores...or someone's hands
5G64 is the GM, and has been on the Apple Developer Connection site for a while now. This will be the build that makes it on those updated CDs! :)
Think Secret also says 64 is the GM.

They also note info from "inside sources" saying the updater only weighs in at 450MB...
do you guys get it? g564?



you knowww

g5 and 64 bits

coincidence? i think not!
I got G59 installed on my machine half an hour ago.

I STILL do not have a dvd player and a burn utility :p

furthermore, cyrillic was installed in build G48, in G59 its gone :p ... and still no greek in G59 ... G64 better be good lol!