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Simply Daemonic
... a mobile phone-slash-PDA like this one ???

come on!!! Apple can do it ;) hehehe

PS: Of course it would have to have the might of the newton... Newton OS 2002 lol :p


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If it's a complete all in one, heck yeah that'd be nice. I get sick of having to carry both my Visor Deluxe and my phone around. My phone's only 3 oz., but it's still yet another thing to carry.
What is motojojo ? :confused: ?

On Earth Final Conflict this unit retracts out further for data & web page viewing, has AV capabilities and data transfer like bluetooth (wireless) also has voice recognition ;) I wonder if we could add "rosetta" writing recognition to make it like the newton --- Of course the technology would be 3GSM for the wireless phone/videophone part ;)

Globals Rock!

lol considering of a colour screen cell phone (unsibsidized) costs aroun $650 and a PDA about $150 I guess if companies subsidized it it would be around $300...which aint bad for a PDA with voice and HWR, as well as always on fast internet, voice, data and video as well as other DB and connectivity functions :)


PS: I am thinking of getting the T68 when it comes out.. what do you think ? ;) http://www.ericsson.com/t68
I wouldn't mind having one of those. Scratch that: make it two. :)
Notice the low quality, 4 bit graphics on the phone?
3 hours on an analogue fone ???
Jeez! You gonna get cellular-phone-ear lol :p

I use my 8890 for text messages ;)
I have actually gotten rid of my land line in SF and use my sprint phone as my main line now, anyone have any predictions when most people will get rid of thier land lines and just switch to cell. Only problem of course, unless your company pays for a nice t1 to your apartment you need phone for DSL or Cable.
I don't even see my bill, thank God.

As for my ear tumour, I have a built-in-truck system for driving.

Admiral - I checked out howardforums - I couldn't even watch for being so jealous. We have no digital service in my town, but others near us do.