Who's Connected

I am running osx 10.1, and I'd like to know where it indicates who is connected to my machine. I use OSX at home and at work. (not OSX server on either).

As you might remember, os9, listed the connected users in the sharing control window. OS9 also changed the icon on the control strip file sharing icon.

My home computer is connected to my work machine. I'm at work now, and I can't find the listing of connected users.

Any idea where I can find this information for OSX?

Standard protical for a server is to indicate the activity or connection of users, so I am sure I'm just missing it.

Anyone know where it is?
or in the terminal, simply type


and see if anything in there isn't yours.

hint, console means you're logged in, and tty's are terminal windows.

but yeah, about the scariest thing about this new OS is the number of ways that one might get into the system, and the minimum of detection. Hell, I could tell if someone was connected to my machine in 9 by how fast it ran. Now, I've had people looking at gig's of movies and mp3's over the local net and I felt nothing. Nothing.

GraNet will graph network usage, that's a start in detection. I lovi little bliny light applications like thermoInDock, GraNet, and the CPU-Monitor. I like my hub sitting on my desk so I can see the traffic. Not everyone is like me, but I agree, it's hard to tell who's on the system.
Actually, you can fix that up a little more, and not even worry about seeing yours if you type

who | grep -v "youtheuser"

where you replace youtheuser with your username.