Whot a bloody idiot....

Issue #10 has all the tools to make your PC look like a mac :)

There are icons and programs there.
Macbar and tweakUI are just two of them. There are a lot of icons as well.

If you have or can find the CD use that. Else take a look on versiontracker.com :)
In 60's, only large enterprises had computers. At that time, 2 young men had an idea that they want everybody can have their own computers. And then they made some machines and sold them to peoples. These machines can do many things like computers but they were cheap. Many people can afford these machines and used them personally. Later, these 2 guys formed their own company. They give their machines and the company a same name - Apple.

In early 80's, may be late 70's, all the computers were work with large amount of strange commands, such as dir/w, format a:, or ls -alF, cd /, ... A young guy want computers to be more easy to use, In 1984, he introduce a new computer to us, you can use it just point and click, drag and drop. You can do your jobs with a mouse and a friendly computer. We call it "GUI". And this machine is Macintosh.

What is "PC"? PC means "Personal Computer", not only WinTel machines, linux on 386 machines, sun stations, hp,silicon graphics, ... etc. Mac is also a member of PC. Moreover, the concept of "PC" is also come from Apple.

I like Mac, Apple, also like MS Windows, linux, intel machines, silicon graphics, NeXT, and many others. We need many different kinds of machines to finish different tasks. Please don't attack the others. They are here because we need them.