Why aren't we alowed to edit our own posts anymore ???


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It used to be that we could... What if I realize that I may have been unclear or unwittingly offensive ?

I believe that we should be allowed to edit our own posts !

Edit : well, I may have been unlucky, since it seems we can again, now... so forget it ! :D
Today, I wanted to edit a post of mine, and a message appeared informing me that I hadn't the necessary privileges to do so. (Of course, before you ask : I was logged in !)

A few minutes later (after posting my rant/question here), I realized that I could edit my post once again... so I guess I visited the site when it was in one of those state of flux ! :D

Seeing this, I tried to delete my post, but I found that even if I could edit them, I could not delete them. I refrained, however, from asking why ! :p
It's probably one of those candid camera moment :p
We want to see when you said something "inapropriate" he he he :p
Think about it this way --> be yourself and you can never go wrong (unless you are strobe ;) ---> strobe no offence intended)