Why does mail app keep on downloading same messages when using POP?


I keep on getting the same messages over and over again in mail. I'm using a pop account and have marked the box where it says to delete all mail on server after download.

It's frustrating to have to open my email in another client just to get rid of the emails on the server.


Any ideas?

You can check a setting to have mail... delete the message off the server everytime. Right now your reading the message but it's leaving it on the server. Just change the setting in the preferences.
Thanks. I've tried that but it doesn't seem to work.....it just keeps downloading the same messages.

Any other suggestions?


If you know how to, go telnet into your mail server (if at all possible) and delete the messages through an application like pine or even just mail...

I've had the same problem. Apple has a looooong way to go before starting to really say Mail is the way to go...

Send me a PM if you'd like better instructions.

Thanks, and good luck
Sorry... didn't mean to make that last post condescending. I can see how someone would take it that way...

Don't worry, your post wasn't condescending at all...I've been opening entourage to download the mail and empty the server. I guess it's a bug in the mail app. Apple needs to address this quickly..

My G4 is totally content with my mail server, pop3, and deleting or not it does what's expected. Tom's G4, almost identical install on his single processor machine did the screwy redownload thing. Same set up, same mail server, his mail sucked and mine didn't. I have no explanation at this time.

This problem persists for him, and his Mail app never deletes anything from the server. But it thinks it should have so it downloads all messages. That bastard. definitely a bug of some sort. That should be a downloadable patch ASAP.
Didja guys report the error to Apple? That way they know of yet another existing issue.

I've been really proud of Apple as of late for listening to the consumers a bit better than in previous years. I would hope that we as a community, and Apple continues to communicate...

On the Entourage note, I've had some graphical wierdness with the beta... (Serves me right downloading Mr. Smithie's copy);)
The problem with Mail not downloading messages from the server is known and will be fixed in the next update. If you go to the Rules preferences panel you will probably see no rules in the list. If this is the case you can:

1. Quit Mail
2. Go to ~/Library/Mail and throw away the MessageSorting.plist file (or simply rename it to something else)
3. Relaunch Mail

Now it should be deleting messages off the server.