Why does my computer log me off of AOL Instant Messenger?


I use AOL Instant Messenger on my computer for chat and my sister also does who has a different account. Whenever somebody has it signed on with an away messege up and the other person signs on theres it logs out the other person. It also logs out whoever is on if i put the computer to sleep but it stays logged in if i have a screensaver. Is there anyway to make it stay on when its asleep and when another person is using a different account?
As for keeping a screen-name logged in while the computer is sleeping.... nope. Can't be done. When your computer goes to sleep, it goes into a VERY low power mode where only the processor and ram get any power.... but the computer is mostly off. So, no, you can't keep a user logged in when, basically, the computer is frozen in time, and mostly off.

As for when another user logs into Mac OS X.... hrm... nope. I guess not. AOL Instant Messenger doesn't seem to have this feature.

However, I DO know that Adium ( an app that works with the AIM network, as well as other networks) DOES have a feature that can leave you "online" while another user is logged in.


Hope this helps.